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Building Forms with PageBreeze

PageBreeze includes powerful tools that make it easy to build web forms and get them working the way you want almost instantly!

Let's try building a simple Contact form. The form will have spaces for the person's name and email address and the text of their comments.

Follow these steps:

Part 1 - Build your Form

  1. Click the "Form Builder" tab on the left.
  2. Drag a form onto this page. Hold the mouse button down, drag the form icon and drop it into the green space on the right (below "Contact Us").
  3. The Insert Form dialog box will appear. Click the Link to sign up for a free FormBreeze account. FormBreeze will handle the processing for your form and will send you the results of each submission. You'll receive your account ID by email. Enter the account ID in the dialog box and press Ok.
  4. Drag a Text Box onto your form. When the Insert Field dialog box appears, enter "Name" as the name of the field.
  5. Drag another Text Box onto your form. Give the field the name "email".
  6. Drag a Text Area onto the form. Give this field the name "comments" You can adjust the size of the text area by resizing it with the mouse.
  7. Let's make sure that the visitor enters a name and a valid email address when filling out your form. Drag a "Validation" icon from the left and drop it anywhere onto the form.
  8. The FormBreeze field validation tool will appear. Double click "name" in the list on the left to add it to the right. Do the same with "email." This will add validation to these two fields.
  9. Click Continue to add the validation code to your form.
  10. Your form is now ready to upload to your webserver. You can switch to the preview tab and test the field validation.

Build your form here:

Contact Us


Part 2 - Controlling the way your Form is Processed

Now that you have a form, the next step is to tell FormBreeze exactly how you want your form to be processed. To do this, click "Sign in: Form Processing" link on the toolbar. This will take you to the FormBreeze home page, where you can sign into your account and set up your form processing.

The FormBreeze Control Panel is very easy to use. You'll find that you can have your form working in 5 minutes or less!

FormBreeze offers lots of features and power. You can have the submission results emailed to you, collect data on the server for later download, automatically send personalized messages to the people who fill out your forms and much more.